I like the way they banter, especially when she says something ridiculous and he just sighs.
Richelle Mead, What is your favorite thing about Dimitri and Rose’s relationship? (x)
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Romitri fic masterlist


Here it is the third version of my Romitri masterlist! I’ll update again when I find more fics :)

Have fun!

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'You're telling me something that never happened actually never happened? Thanks.'

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Sobaka Top 50 ceremony, 2014

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colorfilled: was the indiegogo fundraiser online for the second film the deciding factor on whether the second could be made or not? because if so i'm crying :(

We still haven’t heard anything official which is not a good sign :( - Janet

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It’s a great opportunity to tell a story to strangers, to reach them, affect their lives, lift their spirits - it’s a wonderful gift.

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“You’re burned into my mind forever. There is nothing, nothing in this world that will ever change that.”

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